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I propose an admittedly bizarre medium for a blog that will encompass the convergence of technological, social, and geopolitical trends through an unusual lens. By using a creative twist to amplify the message, information can be presented in a way that affords decisive optionality in crafting bias and developing independent thought.

In the age of the Internet, we are at the mercy of our volition to pursue the truth. Never before have we been bombarded with so much content before, exposing a shortcoming in our perception that bends towards confirmation bias and ignorance. The mob rules and people are increasingly unaware of the power that context can have on their interpretation of the world.

Should we continue on our current trajectory, we will have been another generation lost to history as a victim of its own success.

I intend for my blog to be much different from other blogs dispersed across the Internet today. Experimentation and creativity are pillars of what I plan on incorporating into the content that is connected through a thread of context. If successful, I plan to expand the concept to a new type of thought medium that includes other instruments that help augment reasoning — particularly using context as a potent filter of information.

Don’t be the mob -- wield context.

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I am a millennial writer and ‘Mex trader.